About 2G TeamSearch

2G TeamSearch (2GTS) is a full-service executive search firm whose founders have developed a strong reputation of successfully assisting companies that need top talent for their critical staffing needs. We are a newly formed company drawing on over 11 years of extensive professional and executive level recruiting expertise.  Regardless of the level of your professional hiring needs, we can help you bring winners to your team. We are passionate about our mission to find, understand, and connect outstanding talent with superior opportunities in a timely manner. You will benefit from our thorough process.   We invest time in learning about the intricacies of your company, your goals, your culture, and the outcomes you desire.  It is our attention to detail and team approach with our clients that enables us to provide you with the candidate that possesses both the skills and attitude that match you needs and culture.  


Our Specialty

       We specialize in the automotive supply industry and understand that leading businesses in this industry require leaders who can guide the next generation of business and adapt to turbulent transitions. Leaders need to be identified, gaps need to be filled, and talent needs to be recognized.  We offer a full suite of services that allow you to attract top talent from the professional level to executive management. We have successfully completed various level searches such as:  Executive Level (Presidents, Vice Presidents), Sales and Marketing, Program Management, Engineering, Operations/Manufacturing, Quality, Human Resources, Purchasing/Supply Chain, Controller

We have formed our team based on the following ideals:  

  • Integrity: We are committed to providing an open and candid dialogue between our executive recruiters and our clients and/or candidates
  • Client Focus: Our clients always come first.  Their satisfaction is the key to our ongoing success
  • Innovation: By anticipating and acting on our  clients professional needs, we think and work creatively to challenge the status quo.  Our approach, skills, contacts, industry knowledge have given us the ability to provide proven recruitment searches for our clients
  • Teamwork:  Our team shares the same goals as our clients and candidates to help match top-notch candidates with our employers. This team approach optimizes the results for our clients


  Successful companies consist of people who can navigate the business landscape and produce a string of victories.  This includes people who not only are able to establish ambitious objectives but also have the talent and drive to achieve them; finding such rare individuals is not easy.  It requires a careful analysis of our clients professional needs, challenges, and plans that reach far beyond the job description.

By partnering with our firm, we will understand your business and help you locate and secure the people who will contribute to your enduring success.   
At 2G TeamSearch, we distinguish ourselves by our:  

  • Expertise-We have extensive experience in our specific  industry or vertical space.
  • Search experience-We have a proven track record of  successful assessment, selection process and employer/candidate relationships that guarantee results.
  • Team Focus on results-We partner with our clients and candidates to deliver results that are a win-win for everyone.
  • Flexibility- Our ability to custom-design our searches and arrangements make us a preferred provider amongst recruitment firms.

Our core competency is approaching passive talent. We believe most people keep their career options open. We also believe it gives our client a terrific opportunity to sell the advantages of their firm to people you would not get through normal channels.

We ask a lot of questions until we feel that we really understand our client needs and the culture of the organization we are representing. We want to be able to solve our client problem by offering experienced solutions. Lastly, we present people that we feel are obtainable, if you decide they are your top choice. We place a lot of emphasis on personality, as many times that is the driving factor whether someone gets hired or not, it is not only whether they can do the role, but who are they?