Candidate Process

Have you ever thought about leaving your current organization for another opportunity? Are you happy where you currently are on your career path?   Are you keeping your options open to hear about what other opportunities are available in the marketplace? What if you had the opportunity for greater growth potential or career advancement?   How important is job security and work life balance to you? 

 Considering a job change can be a very scary process.  Many candidates who aren't actively looking for a new position are often quite reluctant to consider making a change in career.They get comfortable in their current situation and may not be open to even considering a career change. Change can often become confusing and it is easiest for a candidate to just stay where they are. Our goal is not to sell you on another opportunity. Our goal is to help you explore other options to help you better assess what is best for your professional future.

 We target candidates who are gainfully employed and not actively looking for a new opportunity. We tend to find these candidates are in the best situation to look at a potential opportunity more objectively as they do not need to make a career change. They are in a situation where they can best compare what they have now to a new opportunity and see if it is truly better than what they have now. Because they are not actively looking, they do not have the pressure to jump on the first opportunity that comes along, but have the luxury to wait for the right opportunity to present itself.   

We engage in conversation with our candidates and truly understand their career goals and aspirations. We uncover their passions,dreams and what is most important to them when considering a new opportunity whether it be location, challenge, advancement, etc. Them we try to find an opportunity that will satisfy those needs. In most cases, we find our candidates didn't realize they were interested in a new opportunity until the new opportunity, with all its advantages, was presented to them. Quite often, once a candidate understands what other options and opportunities exist in the marketplace, they migrate from a passive candidate to one that is hungry for more information on opportunities within industry. We make a point of trying to meet each of our candidates face to face, as we feel that is the best way to truly get to know our candidates. This also helps us better represent our candidates to our clients. 

Once we commit to work together, we commit to only presenting you opportunities that are in line with what we discussed for your career goals.  We will work with your through the entire search process including, but not limited to: · Identify your goals · Meet face to face · Offer resume writing suggestions · Identify opportunities · Provide strategy to approach the interview · Debrief after each phase of the interview process and provide feedback from the client · Assist with writing thank you letters to interviewers ·Negotiate offers on your behalf with the potential employer · Provide smooth transition to your new company