Client Process

From the early planning stages through the completion of each placement, we identify, and evaluate the skills and talents of prospective candidates through assessments. We ultimately secure the most qualified candidates to fill key roles in the evolution of our client companies.  We are experts in approaching those individuals who are not actively pursuing a new job but might entertain a compelling opportunity if approached correctly.   We know what makes a successful match and we do not waste our clients time and money by presenting anything less than high caliber candidates.  Only those candidates who most closely match the position profile will be invited to join the interview process.  Our search process can be summarized as: 

  • Competitive intelligence research
  • Deep sourcing from our team
  • Intense vetting process from candidate pool
  • Narrowed list of highly qualified candidates
  • Counteroffer mitigation
  • Compensation planning and strategy
  • Offer presentation


Finding the Ideal Candidate

We are dedicated to finding the top candidates. We attract quality professionals due to our solid reputation and history of success. We are not in the business of mass distributing resumes to clients and hoping there's a match.  We partner with our candidates, understand their current needs and career goals, motivations and professional priorities before ever trying to retro-fit them into an existing search. The candidates we provide you with are professionals and executives whose applicable skills will be evident on their first day of work. While having a sound understanding of the various roles within our client industries, we also look for the following in our candidates:  

  • Leadership Capabilities: The ability to influence, inspire and motivate others
  • Project Management Capabilities: The ability to manage resources, prioritize staff and tasks and manage multiple projects
  • Confidence in Self: Must believe in their abilities to complete tasks
  • Additional Successful Characteristics include:
    • Ability to take planned and       calculated approach to managing       risk
    • Ability to work both collaboratively  and independently
    • Attention to detail
    • Efficient work behavior
    • Able to analyze situations in a       structured and logical manner
    • Able to make decisions based on  objective data
    • Takes personal responsibility

Detailed Client Process

Understand needs of our potential clients through probing questions. We prefer meeting clients face to face if possible, to really understand the culture of the organization. 

  •  Develop a compelling message to sell to potential candidates about the role and the organization.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the role and key needs-must haves vs. wants.
  • Research competitors in the marketplace and possible candidates, through cold calling and networking. 
  • Perform detailed candidate analysis with situational based questions. 
  • Obtain a list of which candidates we will go face to face with to determine what they say they will do vs. what they actually will do. Who are these candidates really at the core? 
  • Advise client how to sell the opportunity to the candidate. 
  • Debrief both the candidate and the client after all interviews. 
  • Pre-close the candidate before offer stage 
  • Discuss the dangers of counter offers with clients and candidates. 
  • Present verbal offer to candidates and solidify verbal acceptance. 
  • Make sure all follow up steps are taken on candidate's part-signed offer letter, drug screen, background check completed. 
  • Complete reference checks on candidates. 
  • Keep communicating with candidate prior to start date. 
  • Continuous follow up with clients and candidates.  

" We understand that companies are not made solely of products, brands or balance, but people."

"Our team is committed to your success."